Welcome to the Impeachment Project

Free Speech For People is proud to launch our new website, the Impeachment Project. The Impeachment Project covers key initiatives we have launched to hold Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power and to challenge corruption at the highest levels of government.

On our homepage, learn more about our efforts:

  • To launch impeachment proceedings;
  • To press for an investigation into whether to dissolve the Trump Organization Inc.;
  • To demand that the Federal Election Commission investigate potential coordination between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign:
  • To advance our Divest Trump Soho Campaign to victory.

And be sure to check out our newly launched social media channels dedicated to this work on our Facebook and Twitter.

Check back here to see all that we have and continue to accomplish together to defend our Constitution and our democracy at this critical time.

To learn more about all of our work at Free Speech For people, check out our organizational website here.

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