VIDEO: Grounds for Impeachment

Free Speech For People and Need To Impeach hosted a Facebook Live event on July 10 to discuss the legal grounds for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

The panel featured Free Speech For People Board Chair Ben Clements, Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein, Vermont Law Professor Jennifer Taub and Tom Steyer founder of Need To Impeach. The panel was moderated by Free Speech For People President John Bonifaz.

In addition, Free Speech For People announced at the live event the publication of a new book, The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. To learn more and get a copy of the book today, visit:

An op-ed from Ron Fein and Tom Steyer for NBC News

In an opinion editorial for NBC News, Free Speech For People Legal Director, Ron Fein, and Need to Impeach Founder, Tom Steyer, discuss the importance of stopping the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court until Robert Mueller’s investigation has concluded and Congress has completed an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump.

In what President Donald Trump probably hoped would be the most dramatic rose ceremony in television history, he announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court on live T.V. last week. But this cannot end with a season finale during which Trump says “You’re hired.”

Under the present circumstances, in fact, the Senate should not even consider holding confirmation hearings any time soon.

Our objections don’t stem from Kavanaugh’s credentials nor his likely rulings on hot-button issues that divide the American public, such as reproductive rights, voting rights and marriage equality. Rather, the reason that his confirmation hearings must be postponed is much more fundamental: No president should nominate any Supreme Court justice while he is under criminal investigation and facing the prospect of impeachment proceedings.

Click here to read the full article on NBC News.

Announcing: The Constitution Demands It

THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS IT: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald TrumpWe are thrilled to announce the release of our new book, The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

Written by Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein, Co-Founder and President John Bonifaz, and Chair of the Board of Directors Ben Clements, with a foreword by The Nation’s national affairs correspondent John Nichols, The Constitution Demands It argues that the time to talk about impeachment is now, and offers a precise case against President Trump.

Among the charges The Constitution Demands It cites are:

  • Accepting illegal payments from foreign governments,
  • Using government agencies to persecute political enemies,
  • Obstructing justice,
  • Abusing the pardon power,
  • And undermining of the freedom of the press.

The Constitution Demands It has already garnered endorsements from Need to Impeach founder Tom Steyer, actress and activist Alyssa Milano, and more:

“We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. This book lays out the case for impeachment against Donald Trump in stark terms. If you are troubled about Trump’s lawlessness, I think it is your responsibility as a concerned citizen to read this book and to learn how best to protect our democracy.”Tom Steyer, founder of Need to Impeach

Preorder The Constitution Demands It here.

Welcome to the Impeachment Project

Free Speech For People is proud to launch our new website, the Impeachment Project. The Impeachment Project covers key initiatives we have launched to hold Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power and to challenge corruption at the highest levels of government.

On our homepage, learn more about our efforts:

  • To launch impeachment proceedings;
  • To press for an investigation into whether to dissolve the Trump Organization Inc.;
  • To demand that the Federal Election Commission investigate potential coordination between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign:
  • To advance our Divest Trump Soho Campaign to victory.

And be sure to check out our newly launched social media channels dedicated to this work on our Facebook and Twitter.

Check back here to see all that we have and continue to accomplish together to defend our Constitution and our democracy at this critical time.

To learn more about all of our work at Free Speech For people, check out our organizational website here.

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